Powrót do spisu


Hermit: hmta0si2: (Singing) A British tar is a soaring--(muttering) m-m-hm what? A brid--a soaring bird...a I-I can't remember. Mm...oh dear.

Hermit: hmta0sl1: I am telling a terrible story, but it doesn't diminish my glory, for they would've taken my daughters over the government and the rest of the world.... Has been so long now, but I had such glory, such fame....

Hermit: hmta12101: Oh Lady Valerius, cruel and carnivorous, do you think you have beaten me?

Hermit: hmt12104: Oh, cruelest Lady! You can take the treasure from the old Keeper's shrine, but evil, evil Lady, why, oh why did you take everything that was mine?

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