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Co to jest: lista śmiesznych cytatów od twórców gry (w języku angielskim), ukryte w śpiworze

Gdzie można znaleźć: tylko na ekspercie; kiedy skończy się walka treningowa, trzeba wziąć klucz ze stołu i pobiec za partenerem do walki, napotkane drzwi otworzyć kluczem.

​Quotes from the Dark Team 

during the development of
Thief: The Dark Project

Chris: "I don't feel like a nut.  Earlier I had no choice."

Mahk: "I should do work.  Someone bring me my computer."

Tom: "You know, you're lucky I'm not wearing a g-string."

Chris: "Yeah, well, it's better to suck half as much."
Greg:  "...than never to have sucked at all."

Mahk: "Woo-hoo!  Woo-hoo!  I'm the bug fairy!"
Tim:  "You're half right."

Dorian (to Mahk): "Where ya goin' with that pumpkin, son?"

Mahk: "Yeah, I just save cows."

Doug: "Just think, around November 5th, it will be tragically funny and 
suicidally grim no matter what."

Dorian: "Doncha be quotin' me, ya scurvy land-lubber!  Arg!"
Randy:  "Uh, pirates don't say 'quote.'"

Randy: "It could use some paprika."
Chris: "Paprika's the happy spice!"

Mahk:   "I want to take damage, and possibly even shout when I take damage."
Dorian: "That can be arranged."

Dorian: "You know, I'm wearing tights right now."

Tim:  "Mahk, you are one queer-ass freak."
Mahk: "You know, part of me wishes that that's the first time someone's told 
me that this week."

Mahk: "I don't know which flow brushes to delete.  I suggest you just blast 
them all and let God sort them out."

Dorian: "When am I going to start kicking it's ass?"
Laura: "Seven to ten days."
Dorian: "But it's been seven to ten days!"
Laura: "Then you're starting to kick it's ass."

Mahk: "Why don't we all just Xerox our asses and ship THAT?"

Mahk: "So Laura says that my ranting is Environmental Sound and not Speech."
Tim: "What's that buzzing noise?"

Dorian: "It greatly affects one's workflow when one dies."

Mahk: "Guns don't kill people, _slay events_ kill people!"

Tim:  "Where does the player arm come from?"
Mahk: "Well, there's a mommy player arm and a daddy player arm.."
Tim:  "...and they both love each other very much.  And the daddy player arm 
has a seed..."

Tim: "It may be that he finds the sound of the arrow entering his body 
slightly suspicious."

Mahk: "Qu'est-ce que c'est le frequency, Kenneth?"

Doug: "Is map.pcx you?"
Mahk: "Uh, it's not _identically_ me..."
Doug: "Well, I didn't mean it in the 'is map.pcx in his office' sense".

Mahk & Doug: "You're a Newtonian grinder!"
Chris: "I'm a what?"
Mahk: "It's like an organ grinder, but without the monkey."

Dorian: "You should have five servings of fruit a day."
Ken, endearingly: "Dorian, you're MY fruit of the day."

Tim:  "We want the endgame to be the climax of the mission.  And you can't 
sustain a climax for 45 minutes.  At least I can't."

Doug: "It may be stupid, but it's a well-oiled stupidity."

Tim: "It has a certain 'Je ne sais quoi', but I don't know what it is."

The Management: "The team bananas will be kept in my office until they ripen,
so that Mike doesn't eat them.  Thank you."

Nate: "I had four of these [points to BIG cup] full of coffee today, and 
actually saw and spoke to God...and he likes how the project's going."

Laura: "My arm won't come off!"

Tim: "It all came down to sheep."

Tim (to Kate): "I revoke your brain!"

Kate: "Your arm's only physical when you're thinking about it."

Tim: "There are no 'licking' attacks in this game."

Kate: "It's an unnatural thing to get back up from the dead anyway."

Mahk: "The physics system is a harsh mistress."

Randy:  "Dorian is literal about everything."
Dorian: "No I'm not...'everything' is too strong a word to use."

Dorian: "Nobody uses the word 'ruly'."
Tim:    "I know, I'm just feeling gruntled."
Dorian: "Next thing you know, you'll be plussed."

Kate: "It's his butt that has the velocity."

Mahk: "Yeah, I get killed all the time, these days."

Greg: "Hey!  Where'd the humans go?"

Tim: "I'm very wary of the dangers of stacking objects, myself."

Guard:  "Enough dancing!"
Dorian: "More singing!"

Greg: "There's a fine line between serenity and ennui."

Mahk: "If you're talking about me, I didn't touch the brain."

Tim: "[It's] like fingernails on the chalkboard of your soul."

Doug: "In my level, I've been using a bush and a rolling pin as a lockpick."

Mahk: "The quote list sure isn't going to help me convince my mom that I'm 
not gay."

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